What Is the Benefit of a Nursing Organization Forming a Pac

While ANA understands and respects the fact that our members and nurses in general have many other issues on which to base their support for a candidate, ANA-PAC only considers candidates based on their political viability, support and track record in care and related health issues – the issues we work on and have expertise on. Supporting ANA candidates has nothing to do with a candidate`s party affiliation or their position questions outside of nursing and health care, such as. B choices, judicial appointments, the environment, etc. ANA members have different views on issues outside the spectrum of care, and ANA does not purport to make decisions or represent anyone on these non-nursing topics. How do my community and I benefit from the CHCA PAC and the Small Donor Committee? Nurses-PAC`s Board of Directors is comprised of nurses from across Illinois in all areas of nursing. Nurses-PAC aims to influence the discussion on health policy by supporting and assisting applicants to support quality nurses and healthcare. Elected officials have a direct impact on nursing practice and the health care system, so we need to unite and support candidates who advocate on behalf of nurses and health care. Relationship between ANA and ANA-PAC Ana-PAC is an unregistered committee of the ANA Board of Directors. It has a separate financial fund that is used to support candidates for federal office.

In 1989, the ANA Board of Directors formalized the relationship between ANA and ANA-PAC. The ANA Board of Directors was of the opinion that the ANA-PAC would be placed on the ANA organizational chart with a direct line to the ANA Board of Directors. The 1990 ANA House of Representatives subsequently ratified this decision. The ANA House of Representatives also noted that the ANA-PAC is a committee of the ANA Board of Directors. In addition, it was noted that: NCNA members must play an active role in providing financial support to the PAC. Through their contribution to NC Nurses PAC, ncna members are raising their voices to advance nursing®. The donation to the PAC shows that NCNA members appreciate candidates who support legislative efforts that create a positive work environment for every caregiver to practice and provide quality care to their patients. Please consider making a donation to NC Nurses PAC.

The Nurses Political Action Committee (Nurses-PAC) is a non-partisan political action committee of the ANA-Illinois. ANA-Illinois is committed to promoting nursing and health care in Illinois. The NC Nurses PAC is the way for NCNA members to promote candidates, including registered nurses seeking elected office in North Carolina, with a strong track record of nursing support and their efforts to provide patients with quality health care. NC Nurses PAC is funded by voluntary contributions from ncna members and other care advocates. The goal of the PAC is to financially support applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to nurses, nursing, and legislation, which translates into positive outcomes for the health and well-being of all North Carolina residents. Some benefits are intangible. Participation in the CHCA PAC and the SDC provides you with the necessary information to participate more actively in the legislative process. You will gain a better understanding of long-term care issues and feel more comfortable communicating with elected officials on behalf of your community and profession. Political advocacy – supporting candidates who support nursing – is an important way to advocate for and advance care issues. Over the years, the ANA`s policy program has played a key role in successes such as the passage of the Needlestick Protection Act and the Nurses Reinvestment Act. Under federal suffrage, the parent organization (in this case, ANA) provides administrative services, including fundraising costs, directly from general revenue. The ANA`s Political Action Committee (PAC) strives to advance the ANA`s legislative agenda by helping the ANA maintain a political presence in Washington, and even more fundamentally by identifying and promoting the election of pro-care candidates.

Political advocacy is not about political parties or personal agendas. It`s about finding and supporting candidates who address the challenges of nursing and our health care system, and who have demonstrated a commitment to improving health care and solving issues that affect ANA and its members. SILVER SPRING, MD – Today, the American Nurses Association Political Action Committee (ANA-PAC) announces the support of ten other candidates vying for Congress. In each election cycle, ANA-PAC supports candidates who are committed to caring for and advocating for health issues that affect nurses and the public both on Capitol Hill and in their congressional districts. These candidates include: Consult with legally active nurses in evaluating the applicant`s records and/or position on care issues The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the leading organization representing the interests of the nation`s 4 million registered nurses. ANA promotes the nursing profession by promoting high standards of nursing practice, promoting a safe and ethical work environment, strengthening the health and well-being of nurses, and advocating for health issues that affect nurses and the public. ANA is at the forefront of improving the quality of healthcare for all. For more information, see www.nursingworld.org. Helps nurses organize for more effective policies Because government decisions in one sector often affect other adjacent sectors, our specialists keep an eye on legislation at all levels of government: from municipality to state to federal policy. Informs members and colleagues of the files of incumbents and candidates It`s good.

We understand that. And we won`t ask you to knock on doors and talk on the phone with your friends and neighbors. For high-resolution images of the ANA logo or photos from the ANA tour, please click here. In addition to confirmations, ANA-PAC will make minimum financial contributions to unsupported applicants based on a cap approved by the PAC Board of Directors to fund participation in political events in the candidate`s home state or in Washington, D.C. These contributions, which are not interpreted as an endorsement, allow members of the Association of Constituent Members (CMA) and ANA Government Affairs staff to have access to candidates and their staff, provide additional opportunities for public relations and education, and strengthen the ANA`s political presence. Rachel Conant and Carlos Jackson are senior specialists in ana political action. The increase in the amount of individual donations and contributions to nc Nurses PAC will allow ncna to build more relationships with candidates vying for election to the North Carolina General Assembly. Improving the relationship between the NCNA and policy makers will significantly improve the presence of legislators who support pro-care legislation. Active engagement on issues at all levels of government is essential to protect our businesses and employees. A CCP allows CHCA to serve its members in the best possible way by ensuring that the message is strong, that the content is delivered correctly and professionally, and that our members` awareness campaigns are well thought out and organized to maximize their effectiveness. Where can I find the list of confirmed candidates? (current and past) CONTACT: Shannon McClendon, 301-628-5391shannon.mcclendon@ana.org benefits come from ensuring your business is adequately represented when long-term care issues are addressed by the government. CHCA PAC and SDC ensure that your voice is amplified by the voices of other members across the state and that it is heard by legislators at all levels.

This is where your voice is strengthened: with the CCP CHCA and the Small Donors Committee (SDC). ANA-PAC is the key to ANA`s legislative success in the U.S. Congress. The PAC not only raises funds to attract candidates for political office, but also increases member participation, enables its members to play a greater role in public policy-making, and better positions the profession in the legislative arena. Contributes and campaigns for candidates who support nurses Thank you for answering the question I had, Paul. I was wondering where our political voice was, especially given the direction in which our health care has continued to evolve, the decline in access to mental health, and now an OPEN attack on women`s health issues. Based on your comments, I will join me today. They may not be political. You can avoid political discussions with friends and family. You can follow the rule that it is rude to discuss politics at parties. You can also be sure that your voice will be heard by the legislator. • Political action is an essential task of the ANA.

• Funding for administrative support to ANA-PAC, including the cost of fund-raising, would be borne by ANA. The American Nurses Association`s (ANA) ability to advance its legislative agenda at the federal level depends on the successful coordination and implementation of three essential components of our federal legislative agenda: lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and political advocacy. I looked at the list of congressmen supported by the ANA-PAC, and they are all Democrats from the Northeast and the West. What about nurses working in the middle of the country? After reading the topics supported by the congressman that the ANA supports, I have decided that the ANA does not share my views or pay attention to my interest, so I will not renew my membership. Thank you. With so many possible changes at the state level and at the local level alone, you cannot be expected to be fully informed on all topics. .